Can all four DS models be considered one system in this situation

What do you folks think? Can all four DS models be considered one system in this situation, or is this a case of four on one?”Over the steady march of a dozen years' progress, video games have brought us to all the sacred places in sports, awarded all their cherished trophies, and shared all their greatest traditions, except for one, A Tradition Unlike Any Other. replica Omega 1539.77.00 WoMen's watch This year, more than three years in the - under unbelievable secrecy - EA Sports and its Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise will at last deliver Augusta National, Amen Corner, the Green Jacket, and the Masters, the most famous sporting event never to appear in an American video game. Moreover, EA Sports will move the game up from its usual mid-June release date to March 29, to hit shelves by the time the azaleas are blooming in Georgia.

“It's like baseball without Yankee Stadium, but that still fails in comparison to what this means to golf and to sports,” said Nick Wlodyka, executive producer for what will be named Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. “A lot of people will be drawn to this just for the fact this may be their one and only chance to play Augusta National.”There are replica Omega 1631.78 Ladie's watch only 300 members of Augusta National Golf Club and its 18-hole course is only playable, even to them, for a few months out of the year. Tickets to The Masters are famously difficult to acquire. It's probably the most revered venue in sports that few will ever see for themselves. The course's only appearance in a game had been in the 1990s, in the Japan-only Harukanaru Augusta for SNES, Nintendo 64 and Genesis.

Yet, even as video games pressed into sports' mainstream, they seemed to offer little hope of experiencing Augusta National virtually. Fans had come to assume The Masters, a deeply conservative presentation, were being held out of games because of the golf club's famously protective stance in front of its symbols and traditions.In fact, Augusta replica Omega 1847.73.31 WoMen's watch National Golf Club has regarded video games as a means of fulfilling its mission of growing the game of golf, for some time, Wlodyka said. The wait came largely from EA Sports Tiburon's 80-man development team, knowing they had to hit every detail perfect on the first try.

Kafka's sources also indicate that Viacom structured the deal in such a way that it would make somewhere in the neighborhood

Kafka's sources also indicate that Viacom structured the deal in such a way that it would make somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 million in tax benefits out of the transaction. Offloading a ton of financial liability while back a substantial chunk of the $175 million Viacom originally paid for Harmonix seems like a good deal to me.We've replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 2503.50 Men's Watch contacted Harmonix for comment on the rumor, and will update this post should we receive a response.Update: Harmonix has no comment on this story at this time.Viacom Sold Rock Band for a Song. A Really, Really Cheap Song. [The Wall Street Journal's MediaMemo]”With more than 47 million Nintendo DS handhelds sold in the United States since the portable's launch in 2004, Nintendo is calling the DS the country's best-selling gaming system of all time.

Does it really count?There's no doubt in anyone's mind that the Nintendo DS is one of the most successful gaming platforms of all time. It's a wonderful little machine that's never far from my side. I love my little dual-screened buddy. Still, it seems a bit unfair to compare its U.S. sales of 47 million to the PlayStation 2's more than 50 million sales in all of North America.It's not that Nintendo's number doesn't trump the percentage of replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 2503.30 Men's Watch Sony's PlayStation 2 consoles sold in the United States. It's more the fact that we're comparing the sales of one PlayStation 2 (two if you count the slim model) to four different versions of the DS - the original fat model, the DS Lite, the DSi, and the DSi XL.Each successive version of the DS improved the unit substantially, which drove many users to upgrade.

There was no way I was walking around with the original DS once the sleeker, ier, and brighter DS Lite came out, and when the DSi introduced the ability to download content and dual cameras, my DS Lite was traded in immediately.The number is still quite impressive. More than 47 million units sold in the U.S. alone is a remarkable achievement. It's replica Omega 1537.74.00 WoMen's watch just a little bit easier to achieve when you regularly release upgraded models.Even so, congratulations to Nintendo! Between the impressive DS numbers and the fact that the Wii has sold more than 7 million units for three years straight, they're still burning up the sales chart like nobody's business.

Since OnLive streams games from its own servers and doesn't require any special hardware tweaks on the user's end

Since OnLive streams games from its own servers and doesn't require any special hardware tweaks on the user's end, VIZIO customers will be able to enjoy years of quality gaming content, until their cheap electronics die.This is a smart move, though it might keep customers from purchasing the OnLive Microconsole television adapter in replica Omega Aqua Terra Automatic 2503.50.00 Men's Watch favor of holding out for a Blu-ray player or new television. That's why there's a 33 percent off sale going on at OnLive's website now through the end of CES. That's $66, or slightly less than a VIZIO Blu-ray player will cost in six months.OnLive will be showing off VIZIO televisions with built-in OnLive at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend.

“A copy of the disc-only version of Rock Band 3 currently sells for $49.99 at GameStop. According to The Wall Street Journal's sources, that's exactly how much investment group Columbus Nova paid to take Harmonix off Viacom's hands. replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 2517.50 Men's Watch parent company Viacom revealed plans to offload the creators of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central in November of last year, a move we attributed to a slow year for game sales and a drop in consumer interest in rhythm games.

In December we learned that private investment group Columbus Nova purchased the developer from Viacom for an undisclosed sum, returning Harmonix to the independently owned development studio it once was.Citing sources familiar with the transaction, Wall Street's Peter Kafka says the investment group paid a piddling $49.99 for the replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 2803.50.31 Men's Watch development studio in total.It seems ridiculously cheap, but when you take into account that the group also bought all of Harmonix's debt, including licensing fees for the more than 2,000 songs now available for purchase in the Rock Band Music Store, the price begins to level out.

With more than 10 years of development leadership in the iTV industry

“With more than 10 years of development leadership in the iTV industry, Oberon can take advantage of these incredibly innovative devices. Our fans can look forward to seeing Tetris on this entirely-new distribution platform.”With today's news that OnLive is bringing their streaming gaming service to VISIO televisions and Blu-Ray players, how long will it be before our television sets become our gaming consoles?”The Wii is for your replica Omega Aqua Terra Railmaster 2502.52 Men's Watch grandma and my nephew. It's for rugby players and talk show hosts. It's also for burlesque dancers, according to this Wii commercial. Nothing wrong with that. Just... an unexpected angle, Nintendo.

Nintendo Real Stories - Wii - Burlesque [Vimeo]”Oh for the days when video game advertising consisted of nothing more than people looking so excited their faces were about to explode. Check out the full Vectrex ad at Josborn's Flickr page.Gameface is a photographic celebration of the people who make, play and love video games.”Why replica Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster 2502.80 Men's Watch spend $99 on OnLive's Microconsole TV adapter when you can buy an inexpensive Blu-ray player with the streaming game service built right in? OnLive teams up with bargain electronics manufacturer VIZIO to bring streaming games to the masses.Today's televisions and Blu-ray players are shipping with a ton of internet services built into their guts.

I recently purchased a VIZIO Blu-ray device for my bedroom solely for the purpose of streaming Netflix to the VIZIO television I've got set up in there. It also came with Pandora Internet Radio, VUDU streaming HD movies, and the ability to connect to replica Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster 2503.80 Men's Watch Facebook.If only I had waited a few months, I would have gotten OnLive as well.The partnership between VIZIO and OnLive will see the streaming game service integrated into both VIA Blu-ray players and the new VIA Plus television sets.


Kyle Dickman replica Cartier watches Laura Dekker

How cool is this picture? Its from Wends blog. Just had to share.Kyle Dickman replica Cartier watches Laura Dekker, 13, will not be allowed to embark on her roundtheworld sailing plan as soon as she would like. A Dutch court officially placed Dekker under the supervision of child care officials, the AP reports. They will have custody for two months so that a child psychologist can evaluate how mentally and emotionally prepared Dekker is to undertake such a solo voyage. Dekker sailed alone to England earlier this year, and she was detained by authorities, who asked her father to sail back home with her. But Dekker sailed home solo. She will be allowed to continue living with her father while under custody of Dutch child care officials. Aileen Torres

How? Its slated to receive an artificial reef during the summer of 2008--a part of a surf themed regeneration project called the Boscombe Spa Village scheme, the BBC reported Tuesday. While artificial reefs are old news to Australia, New Zealand, and America, the Boscombe reef will be the first in the northern hemisphere.Those worried replica IWC 5022-13 watch about disrupting sea life can fret no more. The reefs 2007 construction date was delayed thanks to local fisherman hankering for proof that fish stocks and the environment wouldnt be harmed. The Bournemouth Borough Council has said the project will have a neutral effect on the environment and marine life will likely thrive on the reef. --Alicia Carr

Embattled cyclist Floyd Landis announced Wednesday that he filed an appeal with the International Court of Arbitration for Sport to challenge the ruling that stripped him of his Tour title. In September, following a positive test for testosterone, Landis, 31, was found guilty of doping by a U.S. panel of judges and suspended from cycling for two years. Landis may be hoping to get off on a technicality--the panel also found that the replica IWC 3717-02 watch French National Anti-Doping Laboratory at Chatenay-Malabry violated protocol in its initial test (though the follow-up test, which tested positive for testosterone, was conducted properly). Doping in sport seems to continue to get worse under the current anti-doping system, Landis said on his Floyd Fairness Fund Web site. This is only a part of the huge amount of proof that the WADAUSADA system needs a total overhaul.